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Couple Up

Free and optional if you wish to play. This sidepot called "Couple Up", puts you with another person of the opposite sex. It could be your spouse, significant other, parent, sibling, your call.

When you fill out your bracket, there will be an option for "Couple Up", fill in your partner's name if you have one. We will take your bracket score (highest score if you have multiple brackets), and add your partners best bracket score. The couple with the highest combined score wins $60 and the second best couple wins $30.

Only rule is a "Couple Up" duo must be a Male/Female combination. So encourage your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, friend, mother/father, parent/child to get in on the fun with you and give yourself more brackets to root for!

First Family

Free and optional if you wish to play. First Family will pit your family against all other families in the pool.
In this pool, you and your family members will have your family's best four scores combined.
Your family must consist of 4 to 8 members (preferably related by blood or marriage). No more, no less.
If you wish you can split into two different family groups of 4. One participant cannot be listed in two different families.

Regardless of the family size, we will only take the best four scores from your family members.
Those four best scores must be from four different family members.
The family with the best score wins First Family!

The winning family will get $120 split between all members in the family group along with a free family dinner courtesy of Ziggy's Pizza.

To enter in "First Family", fill this easy form out or send an e-mail to

Early Bird Special

There are two levels of Early Bird Specials this year depending on when you pay by.

The Early Bird Special prize will include a 20% cash bonus on your Top 12 payout if you pay by end of day, Tuesday March 14.
If you pay on time by 11 am, Thursday March 16, you will earn an extra 10% bash bonus on top of your Top 12 payout.


  Payout On Time Early Bird
1st $440 $495 $550
2nd $240 $270 $300
3rd $200 $225 $250
4th $160 $180 $200
5th $120 $135 $150

Top Female Scorer

The top female scorer will receive an additional $20 cash prize.

Anchor Award

Lowest score in this year's tournament pool will be refunded their bracket entry.
If you can break, not tie, the record for the lowest amount of points scored in a single year (6.5), you will win $70 instead!

Referral Rewards

"Rookies" are a first time entrant to ebTalk. Each entry will have a referral box. If you have a rookie referral, have them put your name in the referral box.

For every two people you refer, you will receive a free $7 paid entry. Maximum four free entries can be earned. Referrals must be completed by end of day Wednesday, March 15th. You also cannot count yourself as a referral.

On top of the free entries this year, we will be giving away a free pair of unisex Rayban Aviators courtesy of Dr. Greyson Barger and Opticology Eyecare valued at $200!

Everybody who makes a referral to the pool will be eligible to win these sunglasses. The person who refers the highest scoring rookie to the pool will win the Raybans. For example, if you refer Joe Smith and he scores 100 points and no other rookie scores more than 100 points, you win the sunglasses.

Please note, your referred rookies must also be paid Wednesday end of day to count towards Referral Rewards.

Rookie Rewards

The highest placing Rookie will win $20. To be a Rookie, this must be your first time entering into the ebTalk Tournament Pool and they must be paid by March 16th at noon.

* Regular ebTalk Tie-Breaker rules apply to any of the Exhibition games