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Through the month of February, we asked folks to make predictions on who they thought would make the Elite Eight. Here are their guesses.


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Name National Champion Runner Up Final Four Final Four Elite 8 Elite 8 Elite 8 Elite 8 Total Points
Aaron Hersh Florida Arizona Gonzaga Virginia Oregon Purdue West Virginia Villanova 143
Austin Herron North Carolina Kentucky Butler Villanova Arizona Gonzaga Iowa State Kansas 137
Brad Dill Kansas North Carolina Oregon Baylor Virginia Kentucky Louisville Villanova 129
Brad Henry UCLA Kansas North Carolina Arizona St. Mary's West Virginia Butler Louisville 137
Brandon Kasel North Carolina Villanova Duke Kansas UCLA Gonzaga Kentucky Oregon 153
Brayden Brotemarkle Kansas Louisville Villanova Florida Gonzaga Arizona Wichita State Duke 139
Brooke Herron Kansas Villanova Wisconsin Arizona Florida Kentucky Oklahoma St. St. Mary's 137
Chad Locker North Carolina Kansas Oregon Kansas Gonzaga Middle Tenn Arizona UCLA 160
Cylee Herron North Carolina UCLA Baylor Butler Kansas Arizona Louisville Gonzaga 135
Dale Knipp Gonzaga Duke Kansas North Carolina Arizona Syracuse UCLA Villanova 165
Dan Miller Oregon North Carolina Kentucky Florida State Notre Dame Kansas Villanova Baylor 149
Darin Petrie Gonzaga Kansas Villanova UCLA North Carolina Oregon Baylor Purdue 150
Darin Treiber Villanova Kansas Baylor North Carolina Gonzaga West Virginia Louisville Arizona 142
David Kramer  Villanova UCLA Kansas Cincinnati Arizona North Carolina Florida State Gonzaga 144
Deb Lloyd UCLA Gonzaga North Carolina Wisconsin Duke Florida State Wichita State Kentucky 143
Donny Brammeier Kansas Villanova Baylor Kentucky Wichita State Louisville Notre Dame Creighton 148
Drew Droegemeier  North Carolina Kansas Louisville Villanova Baylor Gonzaga Virginia Duke 144
Eddy Brotemarkle Villanova UCLA West Virginia Florida Kansas Duke Louisville Gonzaga 139
Erin Tracy Kansas Baylor Duke Oregon Ohio State Virginia Maryland Villanova 142
Isabella Brotemarkle Kansas Wichita State Arizona North Carolina Wisconsin Butler Minnesota Rhode Island 152
Jan Knipp  Villanova Gonzaga Kansas Gonzaga North Carolina Duke Syracuse Florida State 179
Jason Gillock Kansas North Carolina West Virginia UCLA Baylor Gonzaga Florida Duke 157
Jeffrey A Wilson Duke Kansas North Carolina Louisville Villanova Kentucky West Virginia Florida State 150
Jonathan Brotemarkle Kansas North Carolina Gonzaga Villanova Duke Arizona UCLA Kentucky 146
Jordan Parkhurst  North Carolina Villanova Kentucky UCLA Baylor Duke Kansas Arizona 162
Justin Neel Arizona Baylor Kansas Florida State West Virginia Gonzaga Creighton North Carolina 148
Katie Austin  Villanova North Carolina Ohio State Wichita State Gonzaga Kansas Oklahoma St. Wisconsin 128
Kelsey Baker Villanova Kansas West Virginia Louisville Wichita State Kentucky Oregon Gonzaga 142
Kelsey Williams Gonzaga Arizona Villanova Oregon Kansas Duke North Carolina UCLA 136
Kim Nguyen Kansas Baylor Villanova North Carolina Michigan State Virginia Butler Gonzaga 73
Kurtis Marcotte UCLA Villanova Kansas North Carolina Duke Gonzaga Oregon Notre Dame 151
Landon Brotemarkle North Carolina Kansas Gonzaga Florida Villanova Wisconsin Baylor Arizona 140
Linda  Kontz Duke Arizona Gonzaga Kansas Louisville Wisconsin North Carolina Oregon 151
Linn Shaw UCLA Kansas Gonzaga North Carolina Arizona Wisconsin Louisville Villanova 150
Mandy Tyler Villanova Louisville West Virginia Kansas Kentucky Kansas Oregon Gonzaga 169
Mike Brotemarkle Villanova Kansas North Carolina UCLA Duke Kentucky Louisville West Virginia 162
Nicole Gillock North Carolina Louisville UCLA Oregon Minnesota Florida Villanova Kansas 146
Randy Chance Kansas Gonzaga North Carolina Cincinnati Duke Arizona Baylor Kentucky 146
Ray Oblinger Florida State North Carolina Gonzaga Louisville Wichita State Baylor Oregon Villanova 159
Ricky Lamb North Carolina UCLA Kansas Oregon Gonzaga Purdue Villanova Florida 151
Ryan Alliman Villanova Gonzaga Kansas UCLA Kentucky Florida Creighton Arizona 95
Sarah Coleman North Carolina Gonzaga Villanova Florida Arizona Kansas Wisconsin Butler 148
Scott Lloyd North Carolina West Virginia Gonzaga Villanova Purdue Louisville Oregon UCLA 148
Sean Tarantino Florida Arizona Gonzaga Virginia Oregon West Virginia Villanova Purdue 162
Tammy Miller Gonzaga Villanova Notre Dame Kansas Florida State UCLA Xavier Oklahoma St. 125
Tony Pham West Virginia Kansas Villanova Oregon Arizona Wisconsin Florida Duke 145
Trey Doty North Carolina Villanova Wisconsin Florida State Virginia Baylor Gonzaga Kansas 143
Vincent Jones UCLA North Carolina Kansas Villanova Baylor Wisconsin Gonzaga Kentucky 143
Zack Miller Baylor Gonzaga Kansas Villanova Wichita State Florida State Notre Dame West Virginia 142



Each of the Elite 8 Teams Guessed 10 pts
Each of the Final 4 Teams Guessed 20 pts
Each of the Championship Game Teams Guessed 30 pts
Champion Picked Correctly 40 pts