ebTalk Assist

Dishing Out an Assist to a Worthy Cause

ebTalk Assist

With additional support by Opticology Eyecare, Hagan Construction and Ricky Lamb with The Second Regency

This is our way of utilizing the ebTalk Benefit Pool for some good in the community and help those in need. We have raised over $10,000 since the inception of the tournament to help a variety of causes. Once again Dr. Greyson Barger with Opticology Eyecare, Chris Hagan with Hagan Construction and Wichita Realtor, Ricky Lamb of The Second Regency will be helping out the assist. With that said, we would like to announce our ebTalk Assist for 2020:

Galesburg Relief Fund

The Galesburg Relief Fund is a non-profit dedicated to assisting people who have encountered a sudden crisis in their lives. This includes anyone of any age such as an infant with a rare heart defect, a person stricken with a sudden illness or a family that has lost their home to fire or natural disaster. Since their establishment in 2007, they’ve given away nearly $150,000 to people in need. Funds are generated through various events held throughout the year including our annual golf tournament and pork spare rib sale. This would not be possible without people coming together for the cause of helping others. Through the years they have helped many past participants of the ebTalk Benefit Pool who have been stricken with such tragedies as cancer, illnesses, injury and some who have passed away. They most recently also donated money to past ebTalk assist with Owen's Warriors.

For more on the Galesburg Relief Fund, go here.

25% of all proceeds will go to benefit GRF.