ebTalk Assist

Dishing Out an Assist to a Worthy Cause

ebTalk Assist

With additional support by Opticology Eyecare, Hagan Construction and Ricky Lamb with The Second Regency

This is our way of utilizing the ebTalk Tournament Pool for some good in the community and help those in need. Once again Dr. Greyson Barger with Opticology Eyecare, Chris Hagan with Hagan Construction and Wichita Realtor, Ricky Lamb of The Second Regency will be donating money and free entries to the pool. Any winnings from those free entries will go directly to the assist. Through the years we have been able to raise thousands of dollars for various causes. With that said, we would like to announce our ebTalk Assist for 2018:

Tim Charboneau

This year 25% of each $8 entry will go towards medical bills for Tim Charboneau. Tim, who went by the nickname of Lebo, is an old fraternity brother of mine and many others in the ebTalk community from back in college. I have known Tim since 1998. He was one of the most selfless friends we all had in college. He never had a single enemy and was loved by all. It really means a lot to me that we are able to do this for Tim.

Here is his story

Here For Tim:
Tim Charboneau and his wonderful family found out that an unwelcome visitor was inside Tim’s brain over Labor Day weekend, 2017. Tim under went brain surgery to remove this visitor on Tuesday, September 5 and is now in recovery. After results came back on September 15, Tim was informed that the 3 1/2″ tumor removed from head is Glioblastoma Multiforme (a.k.a. G.B.M.), Stage 4.

Also known as GBM, this type of cancer forms in the brain and is currently incurable as it is known to re-populate even after treatment is performed.  Put in perspective, the median survival rate has been reported around 15 months; w/o treatment, 4-5 months; other cases have shown patients under age 40 live up to 5 years. Tim has chosen to fight and we are here to help him.

Anette & Tim are a true inspiration of love and happiness as they both have stayed so positive during this very scary and unknown traumatic time. They have 3 wonderful children, Aiden (12yrs), Amelia “Mia” (6yrs) & Warren (5 mo).

For those joining the pool this year, we appreciate your support as we pray and help Tim to keep moving forward.


After speaking with Tim, he would also like to pay it forward so half of Tim's donation will also being going towards the Galesburg Relief Fund. The Galesburg Relief Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting people who have encountered a sudden crisis in their lives. This includes anyone of any age such as an infant with a rare heart defect, a person stricken with a sudden illness or a family that has lost their home to fire or natural disaster. Since their establishment in 2007, we’ve given away nearly $150,000 to people in need including many participants of this very pool.