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RkEntry NameChampion2nd PlaceFinal FourFinal Four
49Abby Clopton 1HouBaylorMichZags
47Abby Lara 1HouBaylorFla StZags
82Ana Ayala 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
201Ana Ayala 2Loy (Ill)Ark.Ala.Zags
5Ana Ayala 3HouBaylorMichZags
175Ashley Macy 1HouVillaMichZags
106Ashley Macy 2HouBaylorMichZags
154Ashley Macy 3HouVillaAla.Zags
141Ashley Macy 4HouArk.Fla StZags
183Ashley Macy 5Loy (Ill)VillaMichZags
183Ashley Macy 6HouVillaAla.Zags
154Audrey McGovern 1Ore StArk.Fla StZags
18Austin Clopton 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
102Austin Clopton 2Loy (Ill)BaylorMichCreigh
120Avree Gillock 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichCreigh
82Brandon Kuchinskas 1HouBaylorMichZags
10Brandon Saner 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
49Brandon Saner 2HouBaylorMichZags
102Brett Ellis 1SyraBaylorMichOregon
57Brian Brotemarkle 1HouBaylorMichZags
151Brian Williams 1Ore StArk.Ala.Zags
66Brody Shaw 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
121Brooks Voegeli 1HouBaylorMichUSC
181Brooks Voegeli 2HouArk.Ala.USC
106Bud Schirber 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
162Bud Schirber 2Ore StOral RobFla StZags
41Bud Schirber 3Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
141Bud Schirber 4Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
162Bud Schirber 5Loy (Ill)BaylorMichOregon
128Carter Davis 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
192Celia Ralston 1SyraBaylorAla.USC
66Chance Smith 1Loy (Ill)BaylorUCLA/Mich StZags
106Chase Williams 1SyraBaylorMichZags
47Chris Davis 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
106Chris Davis 2Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
18Chris Davis 3HouBaylorFla StZags
128Damon Rugg 1HouBaylorFla StZags
55Damon Solomon 1HouBaylorMichZags
49Daniel Miller 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
183Daniel Miller 2Loy (Ill)Ark.MichZags
4Daniel Miller 3HouBaylorMichZags
134Daniel Miller 4Loy (Ill)BaylorFla StZags
99Daniel Miller 5Loy (Ill)BaylorFla StZags
151Daniel Miller 6SyraArk.Ala.Zags
95Danielle Lamb 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
128Danny Payne 1SyraBaylorMichZags
49Darin Petrie 1HouBaylorMichZags
141Darrin Smith 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
82Darrin Smith 2SyraBaylorMichZags
66Deb Lloyd 1 Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
141Deb Lloyd 2 Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
57Dustin Lohmann 1Ore StBaylorMichZags
3Dustin Lohmann 2HouBaylorUCLA/Mich StZags
171Dustin Lohmann 3Ore StArk.MichZags
35Easton Shaw 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
28Eddy Brotemarkle 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
1Eddy Brotemarkle 2HouBaylorMichZags
57Eddy Brotemarkle 3HouBaylorMichZags
66Elaine Pearson 1SyraBaylorMichZags
33Elizabeth Voegeli 1SyraBaylorMichZags
197Elliott Davis 1HouVillaMichCreigh
106Emery Brotemarkle 1SyraBaylorMichZags
134Emery Brotemarkle 2Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
18Emery Brotemarkle 3HouBaylorAla.Zags
134Erin Bass 1HouBaylorMichZags
162Evan Smith 1Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.USC
171Evan Smith 2HouArk.MichOregon
41Freddie Smith 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
99Freddie Smith 2Ore StBaylorAla.Zags
141Grant Nugent 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
162Grant Nugent 2Loy (Ill)Oral RobMichZags
41Grant Nugent 3Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
192Grant Nugent 4SyraOral RobMichZags
140Gregory Williams 1SyraBaylorMichZags
57Greyson Barger 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
154Greyson Barger 2SyraArk.Ala.Zags
175Greyson Barger 3Loy (Ill)BaylorUCLA/Mich StOregon
116Greyson Barger 4HouArk.MichZags
65Greyson Barger 5Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
95Greyson Barger 6 SyraBaylorAla.Zags
82Huyen Nguyen 1Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
141Jameson Clay 1SyraBaylorMichZags
121Jamie Verbeckmoes 1SyraBaylorFla StZags
23Jason Gillock 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
23Jason Gillock 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
76Jason Nugent 1Ore StBaylorMichZags
57Jason Nugent 2Loy (Ill)BaylorFla StZags
128Jason Nugent 3Ore StBaylorMichZags
7Jason Nugent 4HouBaylorMichZags
121Jimmy Madden 1HouArk.Ala.Zags
66Jonathan Brotemarkle 1HouBaylorMichZags
121Jordan Parkhurst 1 SyraBaylorAla.Zags
183Jordan Parkhurst 2SyraVillaMichZags
57Jordan Parkhurst 3HouBaylorAla.Zags
139Jordan Parkhurst 4SyraBaylorMichOregon
154Jordan Parkhurst 5HouBaylorAla.Oregon
192Jordan Parkhurst 6SyraVillaFla StZags
162Josh Bellamy 1Loy (Ill)Ark.Ala.Zags
23Josh Bellamy 2Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
134Karl Ely 1SyraBaylorFla StZags
121Kelly Shaw 2HouBaylorMichUSC
183Kelsey Williams 1Loy (Ill)VillaAla.Zags
204Kelsey Williams 2SyraVillaAla.Creigh
82Kevin Knipp 1 Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
18Kevin Trice 1HouBaylorFla StZags
14Kevin Trice 2Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
154Kevin Trice 3HouBaylorMichZags
201Kevin Trice 4Loy (Ill)Oral RobUCLA/Mich StCreigh
33Kim Doze-Lohmann 2Ore StBaylorFla StZags
49Kim Doze-Lohmann 1HouBaylorMichZags
76Kohen Knipp 1Ore StBaylorFla StZags
128Landon Brotemarkle 1SyraBaylorAla.Zags
76Landree Gillock 1HouBaylorMichZags
22Laureen Thill 1HouBaylorMichZags
141Laureen Thill 2Loy (Ill)Oral RobUCLA/Mich StZags
76Layla Royer 1HouBaylorMichZags
116Linda Kontz 1SyraBaylorMichZags
14Linn Shaw 1HouBaylorMichZags
66Lois Kramer 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
28Lois Kramer 2HouBaylorAla.Zags
121Luke Staab 1HouBaylorMichUSC
95Mandy Tyler 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
102Marley Miller 1SyraBaylorMichUSC
82Matt Davis 1Loy (Ill)BaylorFla StZags
82Matt Davis 2HouBaylorAla.Zags
57Matt Davis 3Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
66Matt Davis 4HouBaylorAla.Zags
23Matt Voegeli 1HouBaylorMichZags
128Matt Voegeli 2HouBaylorFla StZags
181Megan Nugent 1HouArk.Ala.Creigh
106Megan Royer 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
5Megan Royer 2HouBaylorAla.Zags
82Melissa McGovern 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
203Melissa McGovern 2Loy (Ill)VillaFla StUSC
106Nathan Crow 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
183Nathan Crow 2SyraVillaAla.Zags
175Nathan Leal 1Loy (Ill)VillaAla.Zags
66Nathan Leal 2HouBaylorMichZags
171Nathan Leal 3Loy (Ill)Ark.MichZags
55Nick Adams 1Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
162Nick Adams 2SyraVillaMichZags
35Nicole Gillock 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
82Nicole Gillock 2HouBaylorAla.Zags
141Nolan Lamb 1HouBaylorFla StUSC
106Nolan Lamb 2SyraBaylorAla.Zags
154Patrick Kelly 1HouArk.Ala.Zags
116Patrick Kelly 2HouArk.Fla StZags
82Patrick Kelly 3Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
9Patrick Kelly 4Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
192Patrick Kelly 5Loy (Ill)Ark.Ala.Zags
106Patrick Kelly 6Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
95Patrick Kelly 7Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.USC
141Patrick Kelly 8HouArk.Ala.Zags
41Patty Nugent 1Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
99Patty Nugent 2SyraBaylorAla.Zags
175Patty Nugent 3HouArk.MichZags
198Patty Nugent 4SyraVillaAla.Zags
82Paul Ailslieger 1Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
7Paul Ailslieger 2Ore StBaylorMichZags
175Paul Thill 1HouArk.MichUSC
10Paul Thill 2HouBaylorMichZags
41Penny Lamb 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
41Penny Lamb 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
162Ricky Lamb 1SyraArk.Ala.Zags
35Ricky Lamb 2HouBaylorMichZags
1Ricky Lamb 3HouBaylorMichZags
198Ricky Lamb 4Loy (Ill)Ark.MichUSC
28Rob Powers 1HouBaylorFla StZags
28Robert Salazar 1HouBaylorMichZags
82Ryan Alliman 1Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
191Ryan Dill 1SyraVillaMichZags
162Sam Austin 1Loy (Ill)VillaAla.Zags
10Samantha Eskridge 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
134Sarah Fouquet 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
154Sarah Fouquet 2HouArk.Fla StZags
171Saylor Miller 1HouBaylorFla StOregon
35Scott Lloyd 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
23Scott Lloyd 2 Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
121Scott Rogers Loy (Ill)BaylorFla StZags
28Spencer Royer 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
183Suzanne Dwyer 1Loy (Ill)Ark.Ala.Zags
102Suzanne Dwyer 2Loy (Ill)BaylorMichCreigh
35Tammy Miller 1HouBaylorUCLA/Mich StZags
162Tammy Miller 2Loy (Ill)VillaAla.Zags
35Tammy Miller 3HouBaylorAla.Zags
57Tammy Miller 4HouBaylorAla.Zags
141Tammy Miller 5Loy (Ill)BaylorUCLA/Mich StUSC
81Tammy Miller 6SyraBaylorAla.USC
198Teagan Voegeli 1Loy (Ill)Ark.Fla StZags
14Ted Kalthoff 1Loy (Ill)BaylorFla StZags
66Teddy Madden 1Loy (Ill)BaylorMichZags
76Teddy Madden 2 HouBaylorMichZags
192Thad Honaker 1Loy (Ill)Ark.MichZags
161Thad Honaker 2HouArk.MichUSC
183Thad Honaker 3HouArk.Ala.Oregon
--The ResultsHouBaylorUCLA/Mich StZags
49Tim Doty 1HouBaylorMichZags
10Tim Doty 2HouBaylorAla.Zags
116Tom VanConant 1HouVillaAla.Zags
17Tom VanConant 2HouBaylorMichZags
82Tony Pham 1HouBaylorAla.Zags
75Trey Doty 1HouBaylorAla.Oregon
151Trey Doty 2SyraArk.Ala.Zags
106Zack Miller 1Loy (Ill)BaylorAla.Zags
175Zack Miller 2HouArk.Ala.Zags

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